Creative Chase is a Sydney based art consultancy dedicated to innovating the art buying experience through varying services

Creative Chase is an art consultancy that supports individuals, families, designers, brands and corporates with finding the perfect art solution for their individual needs.

Often beginning with a site visit, we work collaboratively with clients to assess every factor that contributes to a space’s look and feel – such as light, surroundings, architecture, interiors, colour palette, and often existing art collection. Creative Chase then embarks on the process of sourcing new art options, if desired, in line with the individual’s distinct specifications and installing or styling new and sometimes existing artworks.

Every client and project presents a new opportunity for creative problem solving and we thrive on the challenge presented by each different space and brief. We are strong believers that acquiring art is not a pursuit that should exclude, art should enrich the world of each interested individual. Our job is to help translate that interaction and be an informed companion and guide on your own creative chase.

Whether you are seeking something for a home, office, property development, retail space or just one room, we know where to start, how to maximise the potential of art and look forward to helping you achieve it.


about the founder

Kathleen Wilson is the founder and director of
Creative Chase art consultancy

Kathleen Wilson is an art consultant and curator who recognises that we are all inherently visual creatures and that this curiosity is rapidly rising in today’s digital age. Thanks to a profound understanding of clients and artists alike, Kathleen now plays an invaluable bridging role between the two as an art advisor, buyer, curator and director of Creative Chase.

Having spent over a decade working in events, partnerships and at commercial art galleries in Melbourne, Sydney, Italy and Singapore, Kathleen realised a lot of people are still unsure where to start when it comes to buying art. Her extensive studies across Fine Art, Media, Design & Textiles, Art History and Italian means Kathleen offers an encompassing perspective, a large network and strong business prowess, making her a unique asset to any personal or commercial project. Kathleen not only possesses the eye but, as importantly, the ear to be a skillful art advisor – focusing first and foremost on truly hearing a client’s creative problem to provide them with a comprehensive and unique solution. Kathleen takes time and care to build long lasting relationships with a broad spectrum of artists and galleries to ensure an exclusive art solution for each client– whether an art piece is intended for investment, sentiment or adornment.

Most of all, Kathleen is passionate about sharing her knowledge of the history, context, value and aesthetic nuances of art so buying it becomes an enriching experience, not an intimidating transaction.

Kathleen’s vast knowledge, relentless diligence, personal warmth and innovative approach are the foundations of Creative Chase.

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